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What is the law of karma?

 Why is one child born to wealthy parents in the United States, while  another is born to starving peasants in Ethiopia? Only the doctrine of  karma and reincarnation—reward and punishment carried over many  lifetimes—answers this question easily.

 The Vedic literature explains that human activity, when devoid of  service to the Lord, is governed by a subtle law known as the law of  karma. This is the familiar law of action and reaction as it pertains to  what we do in this world and the enjoyment or suffering we  experience as a result. If I cause pain to another living being, then as  surely as the wheel of life turns, I will be forced to suffer similar pain.  And if I bring happiness to another, a like pleasure awaits me. At every second, with every breath, our activities in this material world cause enjoyment and suffering. To facilitate these endless actions and reactions, there has to be more than just one life. There has to be reincarnation.


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